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Nahua Weather Work

Across the world, plentiful rain is associated with the health and vitality of the land and the plants, animals and people who live upon it.


The rains recharge the aquifers and create the conditions needed for the crops and orchards to be productive. Weather Work is a specific calling where a person may be struck by lightning or chased by storms in their lifetime. This indicates that the weather beings have chosen them for the work.

Deanna and Gary are trained and initiated to be emissaries between the people and the Weather Beings of their community as they build their relationship to the crystal-clear waters that bring life to everything.


At times, they may petition the Weather Beings when there is drought, or they may ask for the cessation of damaging hail and wind to the crops. Weather Workers, colloquially called Graniceros (which means ones who work with the hail), don't force, command or control the weather, but instead work for them. For the Weather Worker, being called by these Beings to serve their communities is a matter of service and humility.


Deanna and Gary journey to Central Mexico to fulfill their manda (commitment) and participate in the opening and closing the weather ceremonies of the tradition. They recharge their commitment, reconnect with the community of Weather Workers at the Templo Mayor, the altar and home of their tradition.

The Story of A Great Teacher...

While attending her first Huichol pilgrimage in 1997, Deanna was told in a dream to go back to see Don Lucio Campos Elizade. He was a well-known Nahua weather shaman living in the central highlands of Mexico. She had met him the year prior but had no inclination that he was to be one of her most valued teachers. When she returned home from the pilgrimage, she couldn’t get into her home fast enough to answer the telephone. On the other line was an invitation to return to Mexico and an opportunity to meet with Don Lucio.

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