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The Huichol


As in most indigenous traditions, Huichol healing works with the root spiritual cause of illness, seeking to restore balance in our lives and connection with the energies of the sacred world. One does not need to have a manifested physical illness to benefit from this work. Balance in the world is central to the Huichol culture. The balancing of opposites, such as the wet and dry seasons, or darkness and light, is prevalent throughout their ceremonies.  Rituals performed and offerings made ensures successful crops and hunting, fertility, and health.

Today, the Huichol people say that they perform their ancient rituals and prayers of gratitude not just for their own people, but for the benefit of everyone in the world...

In a Huichol village, the marakate (healers) help with individual ailments and maintain the emotional and spiritual well-being of the people through ritual and pilgrimage. The medicine of the old cultures was holistic, deep and effective. They pay a spiritual price or debt for the materialism of our world. Their lives are dedicated to bringing harmony and balance to the world.

Renowned for their lineage of shamanic healers, the Huichol are geographically isolated, making them one of the few traditions that remain relatively untouched by the influx of Europeans and modern western culture. The Huichol people have kept alive their humor, their communities, and their profound medicine. Recognizing that their tradition now stands at a crossroads, they are passing their ancestral teachings to westerners who have been called to this path.  

Deanna and Gary make an annual visit to the Huichol homelands in the Sierra Madres Mountains of western Mexico.  In a little village on the edge of the high sierras and red earth mesa the local people there recognize and welcome them. This connection helps them know what an intact village and culture is. Here they experience a way of life of people who’ve lived in community continuously for centuries, perhaps even millennia. They feel connected in a way one may never experience in the western world. This is a world rich with movement between the earthly and spirit realms and succulent in its extraordinary way of being.  

Tacutsi Nakawe...

There are many gods in the Huichol cosmology, and there is one goddess who brings forth growth and germination—that which is needed to generate and maintain life. She is Tacutsi Nakawe, most holy and sacred great-grandmother, spinner and weaver and giver of life-force energy. Her gift is weaving together people, the land, sky, waters and the spirits and gods. 

“The only reason to explore another culture is to be able to smell the poverty of your own."  

                    ~ Martin Prechtel

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