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Our Lives...

In an extraordinary landscape, on the northern flank of the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado,


Gary and Deanna live in between mountain and river, high mesas and canyon. The Mesa Life Village in which they live in community is surrounded by many acres of public land and conservation easement. With others they care for this valley and a way of life demonstrating that it is possible to live rooted in ancestral tradition while interfacing with modernity.  


This small village is home to a group of like-hearted people as well as all sorts of animals, plants, creeks and trees, working together to manifest a way of life connected to nature and the rhythms of the world. The ceremonies and rituals honoring the seasons and life’s passages are held on this land. 


Mesa Life Village is open to new members. This intentional community is off the grid and a place to live connected to the natural world. Visit our website to learn more about Mesa Life Project or Contact Us. 

"Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there."

~ Gary Snyder

An Invitation: 

Join us around the fire to listen to what it has to say. Come and listen to the land and the weather as it talks to us, to the wind and water and the spirits of this place. We invite you to hear the stories of creation, to share our

traditions and our lives. Together we learn to remember the original instructions of our ancestors so we may pass on ways of living in right relationship and bring forth the wisdom and knowledge of the past into modernity. Community and communion with the natural world may be the only thing that bring our people and the world back into balance.

“It is this deep ancestral memory that recalls our belonging to the central heartbeat of the earth, along with elk and raven, moss and lichen, wren and salmon. Our estrangement from this timeless connection has significantly impacted many of our troubles today.”

~ Francis Weller

Learning from Corn...

Our Mesoamerican traditions have taught us to learn from corn how to live in a village. As a teacher to humans for thousand of years, we can learn the ways to maintain the domestic balance with the world as well as with the wild. We can learn together how to “grow corn” and regain the milpa and fecundity of life and most importantly, reconnect to our indigenous hearts.

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