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Our Lineage & Teachers

What is a Lineage?

A traditional teacher or guide has attained a genuine level of discernment between heart and mind and follows the ancestral teachings of a lineage. A lineage such as this consists of teachers that have both been taught and transmitted the achievements of successive generations. This makes the traditional teacher a

"lineage holder."

The Huichols...

are renowned as a lineage of shamanic healers standing at a precarious crossroads with modernity. Elders have taught and initiated Gary and Deanna in this living tradition to be healers or Mara’akame, to heal modern ills and help restore heart and connection back into our lives.  Go here for more on the Huichols.

Don Lupe Gonzales Rios & Eliot Cowan

Don José Sandoval de la Cruz

In 1996 Deanna became a Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) healer from Eliot Cowan, founder of PSM and elder shaman in the Huichol tradition. His Huichol teacher, don Lupe Gonzales Rios ritually bestowed the unprecedented honor and mission to Mr. Cowan to be a guide for western apprentices of this tradition. Deanna apprenticed with don Lupe and Mr. Cowan and was initiated in 2003-04 as a Mara’akame (shaman) in the same tradition. Gary was initiated in 2007. 


Don José Sandoval de la Cruz became the medicine path group’s shaman in 2004 soon after don Lupé’s death. He fulfills ritual requirements and healing needs of the group as a ceremonial leader and cantador (singer).  For more on Deanna and Gary’s Huichol healing path, read this.

A yarn painting by Don Lupe Gonzales Rios

“Our lives have been invaded by the Huichol gods and it is determined by the Huichol leaders that our Medicine Path Group is part of a greater prophecy.” 

—Deanna Jenné

Our Nahua Connection...

as Weather Workers began in the highland of central Mexico in 1997 with don Lucio Campos Elizade, chief guardian for the land and crops of this vast area around two major volcanoes.  Deanna and Gary were initiated as Weather Workers in 1997 and '98 respectively after don Lucio saw that they both had a calling to be fulfilled by this tradition. In 2005, he ritually transferred the stewardship of his altar and tradition to David Wiley, who was given the distinguished role of Caporal Mayor (Chief) of the Weather Workers. For more on Deanna and Gary’s Weather Work path, read this.

Don Lucio Campos Elizade

Don David Wiley

Sustaining Healing Traditions...

“Huichol Mara’akame healing, Nahua Weather Work, Plant Spirit Medicine, Firekeeping…these traditions were gifted to us by the Sacred Fire. They are meant to be transplanted, to take root and bear fruit in the land where the initiated live, for many generations to follow. What will it take for these ancient medicines to survive in the strange soil of our culture? How can they flourish?” 

~ Eliot Cowan

By putting together a great puzzle and by following a circuitous trail, destiny brought Deanna and Gary together along with two spiritual paths that are ancestrally related through language to the land they now live on.  

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