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Healing Sessions...

Come to the counsel house,

Come to the Fire

with Deanna or Gary for spiritual counsel and healing; experience their tools to aide you to live life connected and balanced.

Deanna and Gary work with children, youth, adults, couples and families seeking an alternative to western medicine and therapy.


Their healing practice addresses the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual components that make us into being human. They guide one to navigate the cultural illness of disconnection that brings about the pain and suffering in the world.  

“I want to thank you for the incredible experience that I had with you on your land, by your fire and in your healing presence. It was magical for me. I owe you a debt of gratitude for your work and I want to thank you for that.”  ~ Helena 

To sit at the Fire with us is to be in the presence of an ancient, ancestral art of healing that comes from deep listening, not only of the patient's concern but from the messenger of the Gods, our sacred pilgrimage sites and from Grandfather Fire, who informs us of the healing that is to take place for each person.

To arrange a private appointment, Contact Deanna or Gary.

Offerings with Deanna Jenné

Telephone Consultation

Deanna offers telephone consultations related to many aspects of life, helping you live in the present moment and give assistance with compassion, insight, wisdom and knowledge. As a mother, householder and with a deeply committed spiritual practice and path, she has a practical yet profound and intuitive approach to her spiritual consultation.  


Sometimes we just need someone to talk to who offers spiritual guidance and perspective along with practical support for life in general. Sometimes we just need an ear to hear our deepest concerns and grievances and help to see another way, another path to take. 


Contact Us to make an appointment soon. 

Healing Weekends and Retreats

Deanna offers three-day healing weekends and women’s healing retreats in other communities in the country. For more information on having Deanna come to your town, Contact Us.


Contact Us.

Space Cleaning

Deanna offers spiritual cleaning, called a Limpia in the Nahua Weather Work tradition, of home, office, community or workspaces. This type of cleaning is typically called for when there is misaligned or out-of-balance energy that intrudes a physical space. Moving into a new or previously occupied space also warrants a fresh new start for you and your family or co-workers, which a limpia will do.  


Contact Us today for an appointment.  

“I’ve had a seismic shift in my thinking since I met you.” ~ HG 


Deanna offers weekly, bi-monthly or monthly mentoring sessions to help you develop and hone effective life ways, with the tools of community and a spiritual perspective.   

Set up a schedule now to begin a ‘life worth living’. Recommended three-month commitment package for a lifetime of change.




Contact Us today to get started. 

“Thank you so much for your deep presence here. I feel you were very helpful and greatly appreciated by all.”

~ Wendy  

“Thank you so much for my healing session yesterday. I don’t know what I would do without you!  It is amazing how the divine always shows up to bring healing. Love to you.” ~ NT 

Additional Offerings with Gary Weidner 

Rolfing® Structural Integration

Find out more here.

Call today or contact us for an appointment with Gary. 

Healing Tradition...

As in most indigenous traditions healing works with the root spiritual cause of illness, seeking to restore balance in our lives and connection with the energies of the world. One does not need to have a manifested physical illness to benefit from this work. Balance of emotions, the mind, the body and spirit can bring about direction and one’s life path and purpose, which is central to wholeness. The balancing of opposites is prevalent throughout indigenous people’s ceremonies. Rituals are performed and offerings are made to ensure

successful crops and hunting, fertility and health, governing and maintain balance in one’s community as well. 

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