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Friday-Sunday, November 2-4, 2018

And Specialty Fire (scroll down)

With Deanna Jenné, Mara’akáme 

Traditional Healing and Spiritual Counsel

Health, well-being and your birth rite to live your life’s purpose is a reflection of the elements. When there’s sufficient water, from the rains and snows, life flourishes. When a spring dries up, life is stark and dry. Fire and water are married and to be in balance is to have the right amount of both! 


My offer is to help you bring balance back into your life. The healing that springs forth from my ancient ancestral traditions is a process of bringing the fire and the waters back into harmonic balance with each other. In times like these the life-giving waters and the tempering of fire need repeated balancing to land and stay in their new-found home. In this way the wellspring of life returns and one’s soul is illuminated to express your very own gifts to share with the world. 


A healing treatment with Deanna Jenné is like a long soaking rain with the fire warming your heart and soul. Having two to three sessions over the weekend allows one to open more fully as the medicine goes deeper. 


To receive one to three sessions, please email Deanna today or call to get on the calendar. Appointments start at 8 am. Please specify preferred days and times. 

The cost is $120 for one, $200 for two and $285 for three.   


Fasting for a Shamanic Healing Appointment is necessary. Begin your fast twelve hours prior to appointment time, refraining from food and water. Please express medical concerns or medications you’re taking. 




Death as a Sacred Passage & Funerary Rites 

Friday, November 2nd, 7:30 pm 

Please RSVP for this fire here on our Contact page.



Jane Jackson and Bill Sutton  

have graciously offered their home and fire pit for this healing weekend.  

The address is 3175 S. Evelyn Way, Denver, CO  80222. 

To Register for the Healing Weekend:

Email me for an appointment.

Please include a paragraph about yourself & your health concerns.

You can pay at the time of your appointment, or by check or PayPal (to "").

Send checks to: PO Box 245, Mesa, CO 81643

Cancellations require 24-hour notice.

Call or email me if you have any questions.


Deanna can be reached at 970-210-9520 and through or at her email address:  


With love and gratitude.

Deanna Photo Marakame 2011 DSC00268 (1).
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