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Ignite the


We Invite You to Come to the Fire!

Gary and Deanna keep the fires burning at the local Mesa hearth for community to gather around. 


They provide a sacred space for people of all walks of life to come together to experience the beauty and fellowship of the world we live in. As initiated Firekeepers in the Sacred Fire Community they are committed to lighting the fire just as humans have done since the first flame appeared.


The Mesa Hamlet Community Fire is lit every third Saturday of each month. Contact Us to find out more and get directions to the hearth. 


Around the World Fires are lit by Firekeepers of Sacred Fire Community hamlets and hearths in which you are always welcome to attend!

Specialty Fires are offered periodically by Gary and Deanna as well as other  visiting members of the Sacred Fire Community to expand our connection to the divine, the

natural world and to explore and to even live in community. A dialogue is opened to explore specific teachings about life.  A Specialty Fire encourages openness of heart to lifelong learning. Would you like a Special Fire in your Community?  Please Contact Us to make arrangements and see our schedule and locations of fires. 

Fire is the heart of Growing Corn and

is foundational for nurturing community. 


We stand for the sacred and interconnected nature of all life.  

By gathering in community and reestablishing our relationship with the living world, we end the isolation of modern culture and build  

lives of meaning and purpose.  


We are looking for people who want to make a difference in the world. Come and stand with us, support Sacred Fire Community in many ways. And TAKE A STAND! 

A Community Around a Fire...

On the surface it looks simple and ordinary. We sit together by the fire, getting to know each other, sharing our lives, laughing and crying with each other. The fire and its ritual space make an opening that has a lasting effect in your life. Over time we are deeply supported as we move through our lives.

“Do you have the courage to expose your mind to the heat of my light, to the true love of my heart, to take your place in the world no matter what the world looks like?” ~ Tatewari  

“It will take dedication and people patient and with an eye for the future, to dedicate their lives to the ‘change they wish to see in the world'”  ~ Ghandi 

Our Sister Organizations

The Sacred Fire Community is not a tradition but an umbrella to protect and honor many traditions and offer shelter, light and warmth by the fire for all.

A related non-profit organization The Sacred Fire Foundation supports initiatives that honor and sustain traditional wisdom and indigenous spiritual approaches.

In addition, the Blue Deer Center, an educational center for Plant Spirit Medicine and other offerings that revitalize a person to live from the heart through traditional wisdom teachings, can be visited here

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