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             Growing Corn: Tools for Nurturing Community is Deanna and   

                    Gary’s expression of their work that has grown out of the firm ground and strong container 

                    of their traditions. Their healing practice and community leadership spring from this

                    foundation. Growing Corn is about honoring and bringing forth the gifts within each of us for the good of our people and future generations. It’s about living a life of gratitude, caretaking Mother Earth and offering the tools we’ve been gifted with. 


The times we live in are wrought with challenges; many of our people have lost touch with the natural world and have fallen out of balance with the rhythm of nature. We know this by what we see daily in our news and in the towns we live in. Our culture encourages individuality over interdependence. We offer a different perspective of a connected life to all of nature and each other. 


Deanna and Gary offer you a well-rounded approach to health and well-being. Through their healing traditions they are able to turn discord on the spiritual, emotional, mental and/or physical levels of your being into the song you are meant to sing. 

“Human beings themselves are at risk: not just on some survival-of-civilization level, but more basically on the level of heart and soul. We are ignorant of our own nature and confused about what it is to be a

human being.”

— Gary Snyder 

Fire at the Center...

Corn teaches us how to grow community, and Fire is at the center of community.  “Fire is the glue that holds community together,” Deanna explains.  Fire is at the center of all traditions.  Grandfather Fire has been known as the great shaman, the wise old man and provocative teacher for all time within the Huichol tradition and now for our time.   

Sitting by the fire satisfies a primal need in us; there is something delightful in being out in the elements, warmed by the fire as we connect with friends. Consecrated Community Fires can deepen this experience and effect. 

Fire itself embodies divinity, transformation, warmth and passion.  And it is present in all spiritual traditions. Just as we have all the great elements within us, throughout the ages Fire has been seen as the energy of “heart.”  In this modern world, we need more of its warmth, its light and clarity and its rebalancing energy.

Community Fires

Gary and Deanna are Firekeepers within the Sacred Fire Community; they are trained and initiated as tradition-holders to provide a sacred space once a month for people to come together and experience the beauty and fellowship of the world we live in. They have been hosting monthly fires for the past ten years and have a lifelong commitment to set the fire and hold the space for people to gather around, just as humans have done since the first flame appeared. Sitting at the fire is at the heart of Growing Corn. It is a foundational tool for nurturing community.

They have participated in sprouting the Sacred Fire Community, an international organization, have nurtured it to produce a sturdy stalk, and now it is growing corn of many colors. The Sacred Fire Community is not a tradition. It is an umbrella to protect and honor many traditions and offer shelter, light and warmth by the fire for all.

The Colorado Grand Valley Hamlet Community Fires are held every third Saturday in Grand Junction and every first Saturday in Mesa. Contact us or see our Calendar of Events to find out more about the community fires in Mesa and Grand Junction, Colorado.  


Specialty Fires

Together, Gary and Deanna offer a Specialty Fire called Living From the Heart: Conversations with Community. This Fire is for anyone who may want to expand their connection to divine, the natural world, to explore and even live in community. Everyone has something to teach and we all have a lifetime of learning. To be open to learning is to grow; this special fire encourages openness of heart to lifelong learning. Please contact us to find out more about Living from the Heart, and discover where these specialty fires are being held around Colorado and the United States by visiting our Calendar of Events



More Connection to Fire

There are Sacred Fire Community Fires around the world, and you are always welcome to attend one, anywhere you go! A related non-profit organization, the Sacred Fire Foundation, supports initiatives that honor and sustain traditional wisdom and indigenous spiritual approaches. This foundation produces Sacred Fire Magazine, dedicated to stories that allow us to still the mind and listen to the world speaking. In addition, our Blue Deer Center is a retreat to help you connect with the natural world and your heart through traditional wisdom. To find out more about these offerings, visit

Why see a shaman?

Shamanism has popped up all over the place in our culture as a response to a need to heal the woes we live with that aren’t touched by other means.

Gary and Deanna’s shamanic perspective and healing work is inclusive of other traditions, religions or cultures acknowledging our interwoven lives. We are here for our people.   


Here’s a list that may help you determine whether to see a shaman:

~ You are challenged to stay present, perhaps you even sense that you are outside of your body like you’re watching a movie. 

~ You feel numb or apathetic, chronically depressed, the sparkle has gone out. 

~ You have chronic problems with your immune system or chronic illness. 

~ You experience gaps in your memory.  

~ You’ve sustained significant trauma or abuse in your life. 

~ You struggle with alcohol, marijuana, drugs, food, sex, gambling, gaming. 

~ You look to external things to fill up an internal feeling of emptiness. 

~ You have difficulty moving on after divorce, death, a significant loss or losses. 

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