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Time of Endings: Honoring

the Ancestors

Specialty Fires to help the living understand more about the afterlife...

October 30, November 1, & November 3


In many cultures the fall season is decorated with symbolism of endings. In the Nahua culture of Mexico, the Marigold and mum flowers, candles, food and photographs of loved ones who have passed are all enticers for the soul to return on one of these nights. At this time, around the world, people know that the veil is gossamer thin and the land of living can honor deceased loved ones.

The recent movie, "Coco", a computer animated film produced by Pixar Animation, tells a story about how the people of Mexico view death. It is alive and I highly recommend watching it. 

In my traditions of Nahua and Huichol, both honor the dead and also have a way to help the deceased move out of this earthly realm and reach their ancestor homeland. Why is this important? I have been trained and initiated to perform these funerary rites and would love to tell you more about this.

You are Invited: On October 30, Nov. 1st and Nov. 3rd I will offer Specialty Fires to help the living understand more about the after-life, what happens to the soul when a person dies, and to memorialize our loved ones through story. Please RSVP through my Contact page and receive more information about the evening.

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