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A Note About Cultural Appropriation

Deanna and Gary are well aware of the rampant, worldwide cultural theft of indigenous traditions by people who co-opt these traditions as their own. As you discover Gary's and Deanna's story you'll see that shamans and spiritual leaders from both the Nahua and Huichol have recognized them as having a calling to do this work. It wasn't something they saw and decided would

be "neat" to do. As Deanna says specifically of her Huichol calling, "Our lives have been invaded by the Huichol gods and it is determined by the Huichol leaders that our Medicine Path Group is part of a greater prophecy.”


The annihilation of indigenous traditions throughout the world threatens not only their existence, but our own, as these ancient unbroken lineages hold the key to restoring balance. The spiritual leaders of these traditions recognize Deanna and Gary and others who have a true calling and welcome them to help keep this healing through ceremonies and rituals alive.

Through this work, we might just save ourselves from our own self destruction.

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