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Dance of Creation: Honoring the Sacred

Every day the sun rises and the sun sets. The sky presses down upon us as we live out life on earth. Once a year, we human people gather to remember how life got to be this way. We don’t remember this as humans. We remember as the first peoples: the animals and plants, the rivers and wind and rain, as Father Sky and Father Sun. In the spring, the Grand Junction/Mesa Community (Colorado, USA) re-enacts the creation story of the Grand Mesa, whose ancient name Toombeappah Sooparter Kahan Kaib means “Sky-Mountain House.” The Grand Mesa is the largest flat top mountain in the world and rises 11,000 feet above the ocean and about 7,000 feet above the Colorado River and canyons. Weather is in const

13 Teachings from the Desert

Home. It’s a funny thing. For some, looking for home can be a lifelong endeavor. Home is not always defined as where our ancestors once lived or the place where we are born. In our contemporary world, our roots do not go deep, unless perhaps we are original people of the land. It all began when I was five. My grandfather sent me a postcard of the peculiar red-earth desert landscape. Not knowing that such a place even existed, unconsciously, a spiritual desert settled inside of me. Grandpa would never know how this landscape would inform my entire life. As a kid, I awoke each morning to discover my bedcovers in shambles. I often found myself on the floor or upside down in my bed. I didn’t rec

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Mind and Heart...

We tend to get lost, drifting in our mind and thinking, forgetting how to listen to our heart. The heart holds our knowing and wisdom and knows the path that resonates with us. It knows the next step we should take. It’s always present but it’s hard for us to hear when we’re busy in the mind. Sacred Fire helps us to discover this energy of heart again. The heart has an enormous capacity to make life sing again while the mind ministers the heart’s knowing. 


There are still many people on earth that live in communication with the world around them; they experience being part of it. When we are lost, we have lost our sense of connectedness and life is replaced by individuality and separation. Fire is the connective force that brings our spirit and soul back to life and even to the timeless place within. 

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