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This Day, Winter Solstice

This day is Winter Solstice. It’s the longest period we have in the year’s cycle to be with the feminine. She is seen as the dark Yin, the dark Mother, the deep shadow of ourselves, the quiet and introspective dreamer. The feminine is creation: out of chaos comes creation, then order. This year, Her moon will be reflecting fully the masculine light of the sun which brings an interesting balance of light to be shed upon the depths our soul. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? The outer world reflects the inner world of a person. I reflect on the chaos that is growing in my bedroom and kitchen. The chaos of gratitude, really! The floor is covered in wrapping paper, gifts, half-written cards, fabric an

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Mind and Heart...

We tend to get lost, drifting in our mind and thinking, forgetting how to listen to our heart. The heart holds our knowing and wisdom and knows the path that resonates with us. It knows the next step we should take. It’s always present but it’s hard for us to hear when we’re busy in the mind. Sacred Fire helps us to discover this energy of heart again. The heart has an enormous capacity to make life sing again while the mind ministers the heart’s knowing. 


There are still many people on earth that live in communication with the world around them; they experience being part of it. When we are lost, we have lost our sense of connectedness and life is replaced by individuality and separation. Fire is the connective force that brings our spirit and soul back to life and even to the timeless place within. 

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