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May 22, 2019

[This article was recently published in E.P.I.C. Magazine of the Western Slope. It speaks to a sacred relationship with water and more precisely, the Colorado River. Hopi and Havasupai elders arrive on Friday to speak about the same, at the Voices of Wisdom program. Re...

Every day the sun rises and the sun sets. The sky presses down upon us as we live out life on earth. Once a year, we human people gather to remember how life got to be this way. We don’t remember this as humans. We remember as the first peoples: the animals and plants,...

April 5, 2019

Home. It’s a funny thing. For some, looking for home can be a lifelong endeavor. Home is not always defined as where our ancestors once lived or the place where we are born. In our contemporary world, our roots do not go deep, unless perhaps we are original people of t...

March 5, 2019

International Women’s Day is approaching. March 8th

to be exact. 

This time of year creative life force is drawn out of the earth by the warmth of the sun. Rising from the lower world into this middle world, just as the goddess Persephone split her time in the underworl...

February 19, 2019

Do you want to fall in love? It’s easy. Simply go outside, breathe the freshness of the air, look around, find a bug or leaf, a finch or magpie. ~ Grandfather Fire Do you want to fall in love? It’s easy. Simply go outside, breathe the freshness of the air, look arou...

December 21, 2018

This day is Winter Solstice. It’s the longest period we have in the year’s cycle to be with the feminine. She is seen as the dark Yin, the dark Mother, the deep shadow of ourselves, the quiet and introspective dreamer. The feminine is creation: out of chaos comes creat...

November 21, 2018

The last part of the story of Forgiving Columbus brings us home to the Grand Mesa where a Thanksgiving celebration will focus the several hundred year-long tradition of gratitude. We will have a read around of the condensed version of the Thanksgiving Address, by Mohaw...

November 8, 2018

With Thanksgiving approaching Part 2 speaks about how I and we, as a people, need to forgive and bring home the importance of healing the wounds of the past. As we witness today, with ancestral wounds continuing to fester, peace is impossible. Thanksgiving is a time to...

October 9, 2018

[Revised from Sacred Fire Magazine, Issue 11]

Prelude: I wrote this story in 2009 after gathering with many Native people’s from the Americas in Carbondale, Colorado. Since the time of this writing, a day on the calendar has been carved out for our Native friends to be...

September 21, 2018

Today is International Day

of Peace.  

What if the whole world stopped fighting? Idealistic thought, isn’t it?

What if you did not fight with your spouse, or your neighbor, or have angry thoughts toward the President of the United States, or you smiled at the check-out...

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Mind and Heart...

We tend to get lost, drifting in our mind and thinking, forgetting how to listen to our heart. The heart holds our knowing and wisdom and knows the path that resonates with us. It knows the next step we should take. It’s always present but it’s hard for us to hear when we’re busy in the mind. Sacred Fire helps us to discover this energy of heart again. The heart has an enormous capacity to make life sing again while the mind ministers the heart’s knowing. 


There are still many people on earth that live in communication with the world around them; they experience being part of it. When we are lost, we have lost our sense of connectedness and life is replaced by individuality and separation. Fire is the connective force that brings our spirit and soul back to life and even to the timeless place within.