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Deanna Jenné...

As a healer, spiritual consultant and ritual leader, Deanna starts with weaving together your life story to help you reconnect to the greater web of life. Find out here how to weave your story into this great web through ritual and ceremony. Beginning the healing process in this way helps to unravel pain and suffering. 


Disease is disharmony. Illness can come from anything. Healing is meant to be a life-changing and life-sustaining miracle, not always a cure. Using the tools of traditional ways, common sense, deep listening, a deep spiritual grounding, modern knowledge of illness and diseases, nutrition, plants, and dreams, Deanna is a conduit to unlock stuck emotions, heal physical and emotional pain from trauma and help to heal disease. She will help you awaken spiritual areas of your life that have gone dormant and retrieve once vital missing pieces of yourself that are integral to who you are.


Cancer, migraines, abuse, loneliness, lethargy, fatigue, depression, addiction, other chronic and acute symptoms are just some areas where you can receive help from Deanna.  


“We must reclaim the mysterious nature of the feminine and this innate relationship to the divine to rebalance our lives and the lives of our people. Here, we have a place to stand rooted and strong, authentic and purposeful.”

— Deanna Jenné

Deanna offers: 


~ Private Healing Sessions  

~ Telephone Consultations 

~ Mentorship package 

~ Life Passage Rituals: 


Initiation into Adulthood 


Funerary Rites 

~ Healing Weekends in your community  

~ Women’s Healing Retreats in Mesa, Colorado 

~ Community: Sacred Fires, Living in Community, Ceremonies & Rituals 

Deanna Jenné, Huichol Name: Tutu+Imari “New Flower”; one who brings new life to her patient and community.   

The Story of Corn

“Place cornstalks at your altar,” my teacher told me. “You will learn everything from corn.”  Corn became my teacher.  


One day I sat at my altar. A wind blew through the room. I heard, “To be a shaman you must have a community”. In that moment I learned that a shaman is not self-declared but one who has been given authority by the people and acknowledged as a healer and spiritual guide.  

My Story...

I was born and raised on the Confederated Flathead Salish Kootenai Reservation near the buffalo and below the Mission Mountains of Northwestern Montana.

It is a very wild out-of-the-ordinary place. We faithfully went to church every Sunday and to Catechism each week. I was fascinated with the Native elders who walked past my home to church and chanted from the front row pews, their traditional songs. I loved their fine beaded moccasins and beaver fur-covered braids, fancy shawls and leather pouches. I looked forward to summers at the Pow Wows and listening to the drumming throughout the nights. Being a white girl in a school of indigenous people, I was a minority and conflicted with purpose.  

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