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Ancient Traditional Medicine For Our Modern Lives

Deanna Jenné and Gary Weidner are dedicated to integrating practical and spiritual tools of ancient shamanic medicine with our modern lives. By balancing mind with heart and deepening our connection to the natural world, and finding balance with our emotional and physical bodies, the healing tonic of this traditional medicine mends the souls of our people. What we see daily in the news and what is happening in our towns and cities encourage individuality over inter-dependence; separation over connection; and, single mindedness over relationship. Modern and western medicine and therapies are needed at certain times for certain ailments and our spiritual bodies of heart, mind and soul need tending to, also. 

"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."
               ~ Joseph Campbell

Traditional Healing: Tools for Nurturing Community


Deanna and Gary’s work has grown out of the firm ground and strong container of their traditions, their  thirty years of healing work as well as the practical lives they live. They have tools that can model and teach one how to regain a sense of connection again, to learn what the power of honoring life can do.

And they can help you to bring forth your longing to use your gifts, follow your path and define your purpose in this lifetime. Living a life of gratitude is the cure for a lonely, closed heart. By honoring nature one regains a primordial sense of connection.


Gary and Deanna can help you turn a discordant life  

into the song you are meant to sing. 

Village Healers...

Before offices and telephones, emails and the web, village people could go to the door of the village healer for counseling and healing. The healer knew the ways of herbs and plant spirits, bone alignment and special massage for achy muscles. She was attuned to the spirit world and knew when fright and trauma caused soul damage. The healer offered counsel and healing. She may even provide a practical perspective in village government and politics.

At Deanna and Gary’s council house you can experience them as village healers. Enjoy their unique gifts of their traditional and ancient medicine interwoven with wisdom and knowledge of our modern life. 

“Thank you for everything you do for me—for all your contributions to our community. My life has taken some lovely and heart opening turns because of your presence in it.  

I simply cannot thank you enough.” ~ SE 

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
               ~ Albert Einstein

About the Milpa...

Milpa means “to the field” in the Nahua language. It is from the ancient agricultural methods of growing corn from Meso American people.  A milpa is more than the fields and crops of corn, beans and squash and other foods. It is a network of families, commerce and practices. It is traditional knowledge, handmade tools, the cattle used for plowing, burros, dogs, backyard tortilla factories, kitchen tables, meals, healing, hard work. A milpa is a way of life centered on Growing Corn. 

Come and participate in the Milpa, “Growing Corn” on the Grand Mesa of Colorado. 

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