The Story of A Great Teacher

While attending her first Huichol pilgrimage in 1997, Deanna was told in a dream to go back to see Don Lucio Campos Elizade. He was a well-known Nahuatl weather shaman living in the central highlands of Mexico. She had met him the year prior but had no inclination that he was to be one of her most valued teachers. When she returned home from the pilgrimage, she couldn’t get into her home fast enough to answer the telephone. On the other line was an invitation to return to Mexico and an opportunity to meet with Don Lucio.

His first words upon her arrival to his consultorio were, "I can’t keep showing up to help you—you need protection, now!”  This confirmed her dream that she was being called to be crowned (initiated), and Don Lucio crowned her in the Nahua weather working tradition soon thereafter. The night before her crowning, a huge storm appeared and a ball of lightning rolled through the window just over her in her bedroom. This awakened her, confirming again that she was on the right path. 

Gary met Don Lucio later that year and with loving but forceful words from him, Gary became crowned in 1998 as a weather worker. Don Lucio always told it like it was and for Gary, he too was destined for this path.

Don Lucio Campos Elizade crossed over in May of 2005 at the age of 99. The day before his passing, he passed on the rank of Caporal Mayor and the stewardship of his altar to his apprentice, David Wiley.


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Rain is the Elixir of Life

Across the world, plentiful rain is associated with the health and vitality of the land and the plants, animals and people who live upon it. The rains create the conditions needed for the crops and orchards to be productive. The rains recharge the aquifers so all the residents of that land have water to drink.

Nahua Weather Workers
Deanna and Gary are special emissaries between the people of their community and the Weather Beings as they give gratitude for the crystal-clear waters that bring life to everything. At times, they may petition the Weather Beings for bountiful life-giving waters when there has been drought, or they will ask for the cessation of damaging hail and wind to the crops. Weather workers, colloquially called graniceros (which means ones who work with the hail), don't force, command or control these magnificent beings but work for Them. For the weather worker, it is a matter of service and humility that they are called by these Beings to serve their communities.


As weather workers, they offer limpias (cleanings), a type of healing for people, animals, homes and land; temazcallis, ancient purification sweat baths; and ceremonial leadership, leading weather gratitude ceremonies in the springtime and in the fall.

Deanna and Gary are initiated and trained in this tradition, and they journey to central Mexico yearly to recharge their commitment, reconnect with the community of weather workers, and participate in the opening and closing of the weather season at their Templo Mayor (originating altar of their tradition).

Weather work is a specific calling. Many graniceros are struck by lightning, indicating that the weather beings have chosen them for the work. Some are not but are instead recognized for this path by the leaders of the tradition.

Healing Ways within the Weather Work Tradition

Limpias - Within the Weather Work tradition, Deanna and Gary have the ability to spiritually clean your home or office. A limpia would be called for when misaligned or out of balance energy intrudes a home, office, building and even a person, or simply when you first move into a house or space you plan to make yours. Please contact us for more information about this offering.

Temazcalli - Deanna offers the Nahua traditional “sweat lodge” where purification and transformation for individuals and community happen. We go into the womb of Mother Earth to offer ourselves in prayer and deep gratitude and ask for healing. To read more about temazcalli healing, click here.

Harvest Festival - In their local community, all of the initiated Weather Workers perform an annual Harvest Festival in the fall to honor and thank the Weather Beings for the tremendous bounty received in the land in which they live. Contact us or go to our Calendar of Events for dates and times.

Earth Day - The weather workers of the Grand Valley open the Earth Day festivities each spring with a gratitude prayer to all directions, honoring the living treasures and sacred places of the Grand Valley. The year 2011 marked the 41st annual nationwide festival which is held every year in April.  

Grand Valley Sacred Fire Community - Within the context of the Fire Community and the Mesa Life Project, Deanna and Gary preside over ceremonies to honor and mark the seasonal changes.  

To talk to Deanna and Gary about providing an opening prayer, a transitional ceremony or a transformational ritual, please go to contact us.


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