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Before offices and telephones, emails and the web, village people could go to the door of the village healer for counseling and healing. The healer knew the ways of herbs and plant spirits, bone alignment and special massage for achy muscles. She was attuned to the spirit world and knew when fright or curses were placed on someone. The healer offered counsel and spiritual healing and provided perspective in village politics. 

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Healing By Way Of an Ancestral Tradition

Deanna is a healer and ministerial cleric who helps you navigate the western cultural illness of disconnection that brings about suffering in our world on many levels. She has gained a spiritual perspective that is down to earth and inclusive of all life. As a marakame (shaman) her work is informed by the great web of life, and she is an emissary of Divine.

Sitting at the Fire outside or in the consultorio (healing consultation place) in Colorado or at other locations where she travels in the United States and Mexico, her art of healing comes from deep listening not only to the patient but to Kauyumari (the sacred deer messenger of the gods), her sacred pilgrimage sites and to Grandfather Fire who informs her of the healing that is to take place.

Through both the Huichol and Nahuatl traditions and Deanna’s background of body work, trauma therapy, herbal remedies, Plant Spirit Medicine and deep connection with nature, she offers a well-rounded approach to health and well-being. She is able to help people re-establish balance in their lives. 

Spiritual Healing - Deanna works with children, youth, adults, families and couples. Her spiritual guidance is useful and practical for people of all walks of life. She doesn’t see disease as a diagnosis but as a wobble in the fabric of life. Illness or disease may come from anything. Healing may or may not prompt a physical cure, but is meant to be a life-changing and sustaining miracle. She looks to that which has created the disharmony in a person’s being and seeks guidance to balance or remedy the source of the disease. She often uses traditional methods to bring about healing including herbal remedies; purification ceremonies; removal of fright, entities, and curses; and soul retrieval to name a few ways of healing.

Telephone Consultations – At times in your life, you need someone to talk to, to discover a practical and spiritual perspective. Deanna offers one-hour sessions for individuals looking for guidance and counsel on many aspects of life, helping you live in the present moment or giving you assistance with compassionate, insightful conflict resolution. She brings a very intuitive approach to the table. 

Mentorship – Deanna offers weekly to monthly mentorship sessions to develop effective life skills and leadership with the tools of community and spiritual perspective. She helps you become aware and move away from the western cultural paradigm of disconnect, discontent and materialism to a life that is deeply connected to Mother Earth, the Original Instructions, and a life of gratitude within the community of the natural world. She aids people by restoring hope for the future and supporting individuals to live life fully in relationship to all living beings. Even during difficult times in life, she guides you to be a life-long learner, to live from the heart by releasing fear and anxiety, and she helps you to discover ways to trust in the divine perfection of life.  

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