Life-sustaining Ceremonies

To bring individuals and a community into their fullness, to provide a spiritual context for life, rooted in ancestral tradition and connected to the natural world, one must celebrate the changes of the seasons, new birth, adolescence to adulthood, marriage, men’s and women’s connection to each other and to the conservative force of nature. We are then able to once again honor the wisdom years of our elders until death do us part. This is a way we provide nourishment to our communities and ensure that the threads within the tapestry of life connect to the world. It’s in weaving our lives together with the world that we live within life’s primordial nature.

Deanna and Gary preside over ceremonies to honor and mark the seasonal changes.  To talk to Deanna and Gary about providing a transitional ceremony or opening prayer for an activity or event, please contact us and see our Calendar of Events.


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Ritual & Ceremonial Leader

Within her community, Deanna is recognized as a leader, bringing balance and harmony by presiding over rituals for our life's sacred passages. Rituals such as baptisms, initiation into adulthood, weddings and funerary rites mark significant transitional times in people’s lives.

– Ideally, baptism occurs within ten days of the birth of a baby. This ritual links the infant (and those older) to the divine forces of the world and provides connection and protection for them throughout 

their life. It is necessary to have godparents for children, as these are the people that watch over the children and take care of them if the parents are unable to.

Baptism does not always happen directly after birth in our culture because people don’t live in villages with an ancestral tradition intact. However, baptism for babies, children and adults remain a part of the tapestry of life in a community. Deanna performs baptism for all ages within the context of the Huichol traditionContact us for guidance in this area. 


Initiation into Adulthood – Initiation into adulthood is our birthright, yet this important rite has been mostly lost in modern culture. Powerful initiation rituals and rites of passage for girls and boys into adulthood are offered under the umbrella of the Sacred Fire Community.

Sacred Emergence is a rite of passage for girls led by Deanna Jenné and other elders of the Sacred Fire Community. 

The elders are trained and experienced in holding a container for people of western culture while honoring the deep ancestral connections that bring forth transformation. Go to Women’s Work or for more information.

Weddings – There are three types of weddings that Deanna offers: first, a simple ceremony and clergy’s sign-off on a marriage certificate; second, a blessing ceremony for the couple; and third, a complete ritual in which the gods play a role in granting the marriage. Deanna urges pre-wedding council to prepare the couple for this lifelong commitment. Contact us for more on weddings.

Funerary Rites – What happens to a person’s soul after death? This is a common question in our western culture and a concern that causes great discomfort for many. Many people don’t have a tradition to carry out funerary rites in the ancestral way; often our people are left with inadequate 'celebration of life' memorials, or they just don’t know what to do at the time of death. Deanna offers Funerary Rites as an initiated shaman and having been initiated to perform these rites for people of all walks of life who want their or their loved ones' passage to have meaning. In addition, proper funerary rites are helpful to the soul of the person passing on.  

Deanna offers guidance on how to prepare for death, how a family or friend can request Funerary Rites for a loved one, and info on important documents as well as cemetery and burial information. Click here for more on Funerary Rites and associated offerings or contact us for a personal conversation.

Temazcalli –Deanna is initiated in the art of Temazcalli Healing, a Nahua traditional sweat lodge where purification and transformation for individuals and community are able to happen.  Find out more.

Community Ceremonies - In their local community, Deanna and her husband Gary along with other weather workers perform an annual Harvest Festival in late September or early October. The community gathers to give gratitude to the weather beings for the beautiful snows that fill the Colorado River and all of its tributaries as well as the lakes and reservoirs on the Grand Mesa. The Grand Valley is bursting in the summertime with a tremendous bounty of fruit, vegetables and animals as a result of these life-giving waters and rich soil. See our Calendar of Events for the next Harvest Festival.

Tuki Fiesta - Being a Jicarero, one who carries the offerings to the Sacred Place of Wirikuta, for the benefit of the people, Deanna serves community in this way. In the old ways which still remain current with the Wixirika the Jicareros provide a tuki fiesta to feed the ceremonial building, keeping alive and ensuring the well-being of their people through taking the offerings from this fiesta to the sacred place. This is a long journey but we make it in order to bring blessings to all living beings and especially to our communities.  

There are five Jicareros and Don David Wiley leads us as the Tuki Guardian.  We are commited to a five year cycle, with 2012 being the beginning of our third year. We invite our community to join in the festivities, Don Jose' Sandavol De la Cruz presides and all the marakame gather in Tepoztlan, Mexico for this three day celebration. See for more information and how to come to the fiesta.

From left to right: Don David Wiley, Alan Kerner, Deanna Jenne', Karen Aberle, Patrick Hanaway and Jaime Velez, at the 2011 Tuki Fiesta.

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