Learning From Corn

Our Mesoamerican traditions have taught us to call on Corn Plant as a Sacred Being to aid us humans in relearning our eminent relationship with nature. Corn has been a teacher to humans for thousands of years on the ways to maintain the domestic balance with the world as well as with the wild. Corn's sacredness is joined in the trilogy of the three most sacred messengers of the Wixarika, jicuri-the blue deer, Kauyumari-Oteyganaka, Maize. 

Many of our people have lost touch with their true connection to the natural world and have fallen out of balance with the rhythm of nature. The culture encourages individuality over interdependence. We can learn to Grow Corn again, regaining the milpa of our lives and reconnecting to our indigenous hearts.


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Where Gifts Reside

There are many gods in the Huichol cosmology, and there is one goddess who brings forth growth and germination—that which is needed to bring forth and maintain life. She is Tacutsi Nakawe, most holy and sacred great-grandmother, spinner and weaver and giver of life-force energy. Her gift is weaving together people, the land, sky, waters and the spirits and gods. 

In a most extraordinary place at the flank of the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado, Gary and Deanna live on a land rich in rivers and lakes, wetlands, forests and high desert. Elk, deer, bears, turkeys and mountain lions are their neighbors along with canyonlands and mesas. Dynamic weather patterns fill out the horizon and sky. Their people are the nearby ranchers, farmers and lovers of this place they call their homeland.

Here, Deanna and Gary do their work by offering healing, temazcallis (sweat lodges in the Nahua tradition) spiritual counsel, workshops and various programs from this place of rich abundance.  Here an intentional community called the Mesa Life Project is forming as a village rooted in ancestral tradition as brought forth by the sacred spirit of fire.  For the past six years, Deanna and Gary, along with seven other founders, have been engaged in its creation, embracing a way of life in balance with the land and the natural world.  Please check out the mesalifeproject.org for more information on community living, living in harmony with the land, programs and offerings.

Their consultorio is their healing space, nestled in a small meadow between a Pinon-Juniper forest in an area felt by those who journey here to be sacred ground. Here, the fire burns inside and outside. A temazcalli sits nearby for purification ceremonies, and the creek, forests and meadows, the sky and mountain invite all who visit to enjoy their beauty.   

"Join us around the Fire, to listen to the land and the weather as it talks to us, to listen to the wind and water and the spirits of this place. We invite you to share with us the stories of creation, the stories of your traditions, the stories of your life. Together, we learn to re-member the original instructions of our ancestors so we may offer the next generations the ways to live in right relationship, to bring forth the wisdom and knowledge of the past into modernity. Community and communion with the natural world may be the only things that bring our people and the world back into balance." Gary and Deanna


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