The Milpa

Corn is one plant that needs human hands to help it grow, to harvest it, to save the seed and plant again, year after year. It is interdependent on all the elements like sun, rain, wind, and earth to bring forth its fruit to sustain life.

Milpa means "field," and comes from a Nahuatl word meaning "to the field." Based on the ancient agricultural ways of the Mesoamerican peoples, milpa agriculture grows corn or maize, beans and squash, along with other foods.

A Milpa is more than the fields and crops, it is a network of families, commerce and practices much of which has gone on for time out of mind. The milpa is traditional knowledge, handmade tools, the cattle used for plowing, burros, dogs, backyard tortilla factories, kitchen tables, meals, hard work.  A milpa is a way of life centered around Growing Corn. 

Many of our people have lost touch with their true connection to the natural world and have fallen out of balance with the rhythm of nature. Today, our culture encourages individuality over interdependence. We need to learn to Grow Corn again, regaining the milpa of our lives and reconnecting to our indigenous hearts.


“It is this deep ancestral memory that recalls our belonging to the central heartbeat of the earth, along with elk and raven, moss and lichen, wren and salmon. Our estrangement from this timeless connection has significantly impacted many of our troubles today,”
Francis Weller





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Growing Corn is a learning experience. It’s about life, community, the laws of nature, tending to all our relationships and to the ancient ones, our ancestors.

It’s about honoring and bringing forth gifts within each of us for the good of our people and for future generations. It’s about living a life of gratitude. It's about being Caretakers of Mother Earth.

Deanna Jenné and Gary Weidner


We are healers in ancient traditions. We are dedicated to integrating the ancient practical and spiritual tools of shamanism into the modernity. We offer a tonic for the troubled world today: to help you and your community Grow Corn, to reclaim your spiritual connection to the world of nature and to guide you in participating in the great wheel of life.

"Having a deep intimacy with the sacred spirit of fire, we nourish community in a way that helps the individuals remember who they are, what their life purpose is and where they belong in the world. What is truly sustainable and practical is living connected in community. This is Growing Corn.” ~ Deanna & Gary



Our Offerings

• Healing treatments and spiritual council

• Community Fires

• Specialty Fires - Living from the Heart: Conversations with Community teaching circles

• Seasonal and Life Cycle Ceremonies and Rituals

• Men’s and Women’s Work

• A living community to work, play and steward the land


Tending the milpa (field) is tending community. Our gifts of healing and leadership help all people to remember the sacredness of life. We focus on keeping the fire alive in the hearts of our people. Offering seasonal ceremonies and life cycle rituals such as baptism, initiation, weddings and funerary rites through our affiliation with the Sacred Fire Community Lifeways Programs and our paths. Our lives are part of a sustainable living demonstration village called the Mesa Life Project.


“Human beings themselves are at risk: not just on some survival-of-civilization level, but more basically on the level of heart and soul. We are ignorant of our own nature and confused about what it is to be a human being.” Gary Snyder 

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