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Community Fires 

Community Fire and Potluck at 6 pm; Fire lit at 7:30 pm
Contact Gary Weidner at 970-241-7256 or Contact Us; and, Debra Patton-Davis,

SEPTEMBER:  The Firekeepers will be out of town on the usual fire nights. We will have one fire this month at the Mesa Hearth on 9/8/12.  We will resume our regular schedule in October.


September 8, 2012 :  Mesa, CO (Note: Saturday Night) - NO POTLUCK but come at 6:00 pm

     Celebration for Community Work - Food for all, Provided by the Firekeepers

     Community Fire to follow - lit around 8 pm

     Gary Weidner, Firekeeper

October 6, 2012 : Mesa, CO - 6 pm Potluck; 7:30 pm Fire Lit

     Gary Weidner, Firekeeper


October 20 , 2012 :  Grand Junction, CO - 6 pm Potluck; 7:30 pm Fire Lit

     Debra Patton-Davis, Firekeeper

November 3, 2012 :  Mesa, CO - 6 pm Potluck; 7-7:30 pm Fire Lit

      Deanna Jenne', Firekeeper

November 17, 2012 : Grand Junction, CO

      Debra Patton-Davis, Firekeeper

December 1, 2012 : Mesa, CO 

      Gary Weidner, Firekeeper


Specialty Fires For Men and Women

Deepen your awareness as a man or woman within the context of a safe environment where people come together at the fire for conversations that affect how we live and move in the world of modern culture. Listen and share as we discover who we are becoming and are meant to be as we move away from the old paradigm of independence and enter into a new time of interdependence. Find yourself collaborating and communicating with your partner and friends in a more fulfilling way. Come to the Men's and Women's Specialty Fires where topics pretinent to todays issues and struggles help guide us to a deeper understanding of each other and the world we live in.

Men's Fires are held every Last Friday at 7 pm of each month at the Mesa Hearth. Gary Weidner as facilitator.

  Friday, September 28 

Friday, October 26

Women's Fires are held each month at 7 pm of each month in Grand Junction

   To be announced.  




The Annual Harvest Festival :  September 29 & 30, 2012

     The Harvest Festival occurs every fall. The Weather Workers will host the annual Gratitude Ceremony for the abundance of crops and gardens this year, because of the rain and snow.  

    Temazcalli : To prepare a Temazcalli (a sweat lodge in their Nahua tradition) will be held Saturday night, prior to the Harvest Festival. This purification ceremony sets the stage for the community to engage in the festival.  In the afternoon we gather to show our gratitude for the abundance of garden vegetables and orchard fruit that many of the community members grow and harvest as well as in the Grand and Plateau Valleys near our homes.  

      We have children and adults alike feasting and celebrating the gifts of plentiful rain throughout the spring, summer and fall, the beautiful warmth of the weather and the deeply held waters on the Grand Mesa.  Flowers, fruit and bread are offered in abundance and many people come to support this act of gratitude.  Watch for the dates for this year.

Mesa Spring Welcoming Ceremony :  May, 2013 (date to be announced)

    Join the Mesa Life Project members and the Marakate for a Welcoming Ceremony for all the Animals, Plants, Sky Beings and the Creation of the Mesa.  This is a dance and Ceremony as well as Celebration as the ancestors of this land performed in the Spring to ask permission to go to the top of this Sacred Mountain, hunt and fish and live in the coolness.  We will honor the Bear and his relationship to the Sky Beings.  Everyone is welcome, but please RSVP.  You will receive more information.

Spring Earth Day Festival :  April 22, 2013

     Join the Weather Workers in the Opening Ceremony of Earth Day, honoring the gifts of the Weather to our Valley. The Grand Valley Sacred Fire Community has an annual booth at Earth Day, too.  Come join the fun as we celebrate Spring, Mother Earth, and all of its plentiful gifts with the focus of Sustaining Life for the Future Generations.  


Grandfather Fire Public Audiences 

Grandfather Fires begin to happen in communities around the United States starting in March.  The Marakate are going into pilgrimage season which means Tatewari (Grandfather Fire) is working with the Marakate in various capacities, in the Homelands and at Pilgrimage Base Camps.  


We will resume the schedule for public Grandfather Fires at the end of the year.  In the meantime, find our more at



Healing Sessions with Deanna and Gary

At our Home in Mesa, Colorado, our Grand Junction Office or Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Contact Us for an appointment with Gary or Deanna.  We offer 2-3 days or more for you to come for healing sessions, spiritual counsel and community gatherings.  Talk to us about accomodations and cost.


Living From The Heart : Topic Fires

     All Living From the Heart: Conversations with Community Events are sitting around the Fire out of doors in a designated area. It could be at one of our Community Hearths or another place.  The Fire will be consecrated in the Huichol traditional way. The Sacred Fire offers us an opportunity to bring forth our teachings and learning from the depth of our hearts, our life experiences and from teachings from our elders and Grandfather Fire.

    Please come prepared for cold weather as we warm up to each other and open our hearts for a truly enjoyable evening. We will serve hot chocolate.  Contact Deanna at 970-210-9520 or Contact Us for more information.

TOPIC FIRE : WEATHER WORKING - JUST WHAT IS IT?  7:00 pm, Friday, October 12 - Grand Valley Hearth  - Presented by the Grand Valley Weather Workers

     Learn about the ancient Nahua path of weather work, opening and closing of the seasons; how we weather workers do their work. How does working with weather benefit our communities; stories of and from don Lucio Campos, our patron.  Join your local Weather Workers for this evening of sharing.  Suggested Donation of $10 gladly accepted to help our local weather workers to Mexico to honor their manda.

TOPIC FIRE : DEATH & AFTER 7:00 pm, Friday, November 2 - Grand Valley Hearth - Presented by Deanna Jenne & Gary Weidner

     All Souls Day at the Grand Valley Hearth.  The ancient peoples said, “To know life is to know death; to know death is to know life.”  Learn about the cycles of life through death and how we live our lives today affects our dying tomorrow.  Learn about what happens to the soul and how funerary rites can be beneficial, not just to the deceased but are also beneficial to the living.

TOPIC FIRE :  WHY GRATITUDE AS PRAYER.  7:00 PM, Thursday, November 22 - Mesa Hearth - Presented by Deanna Jenne & Gary Weidner


Men’s Fires : Mesa, CO

Contact Gary Weidner at 970-241-7256 or Contact Us by email.
No potluck, gather at 7:30 pm every 4th Friday


Special Events


   For more on Temazcalli (Sweat Lodge in the Nahua Tradition)


Prinicipal Tuki Fiesta - February 8-10, 2013, Tepoztlan, Mexico 

Deanna is a Jicarera - one who carries the offerings to the sacred place - along with 4 other marakate. With her fellow Jicareros she oversees the well-being of this sacred living ceremonial structure: that it's fed and cared for and that the appropriate rituals are carried out in order to maintain iSave & Closet's life and the life of our people.

This Fiesta is open to everyone although there is limited space available so register early.

Go to for more information, travel and accommodations as well as registration and payment information. 



Workshops and Retreats with Deanna Jenné

SFC Lifeways Ukalai Women’s Retreat w/ Deanna Jenne' & Sherry Boatright, co-facilitators

October 3-6, 2012 : Mt. Peale Resort & Animal Sanctuary, La Sal, Utah

Join us in this exquisitely beautiful Mt. Peale Resort for four days of Retreat from the outside world and our busy lives. This culturally diverse opportunity comes but once every couple of years so you won't want to miss this emersion into the Divine Feminine and the Natural World through the windows of Deanna and Sherry's traditional paths. Learn how to bring your divine connection home. There are a limited number of spaces available so sign up soon with Trish Cannon at Go to and find us under Offerings and Lifeways Retreats.  Click here for more information.  

May 29-June 1, 2013 : Blue Deer Center, Margaretteville, New York

October, 2013 :  Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

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