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Human beings through time have had the need for health, harmony and balance in their lives.  The work of a shaman is rooted in the ancient healing ways, knowledge and wisdom within their tradition as a gift to help individuals and their communities find their way to the most natural state of awareness, that of connection to the natural world and the life-force, or spirit, in every living thing.


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Gary Weidner was born in northern Illinois and moved to Colorado when he was eighteen years old. Since 1988, he has been a certified practitioner of Rolfing® Structural Integration. He is a marakame in the Huichol tradition and a granicero (weather worker) in the Nahua tradition of Mexico. Along with his wife, Deanna Jenné, Gary shares the role of Firekeeper in his community of Mesa and also provides monthly fires for men. See our Calendar of Events for the monthly community fires and special fires.

Gary trains new firekeepers in his work with the Sacred Fire Community, which takes him to many hamlets in Colorado and the surrounding area. He is a founding member of the Mesa Life Project, an upcoming intentional community near Mesa, Colorado. As a musician, Gary is an inspired mandolin player with a deep love for music, which permeates his work as a marakame. 

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