Story of Corn

“Place cornstalks at your altar,” my teacher told me, “You will learn from corn; everything you will need to know you will learn from corn.” Corn became my teacher.  

As I sat at my altar, a wind blew through the room. I heard, “To be a shaman, you must have a community.”  I knew at that moment that a shaman is not self-declared, but one who has been given authority by the people and acknowledged as a healer and spiritual guide for the people.

I watched corn grow in the garden and sat with the mature harvested corn stalks at my altar. I continue to learn from Her. Tamatsi Niwesika, the Great Grandmother Corn Goddess and Tatei Oteganaka, the Corn Mother as well as her daughters, the five corn maidens (all colors of corn) continue to teach me.




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As a mother, wife and householder and one who has participated in women’s circles for over 20 years, Deanna is very practical in her spiritual work with others. As a healer, spiritual consultant and ritual leader she is a weaver and corn grower helping people know they are connected to the web of life. She says that


The natural world and landscape inform her, the wild beckons her and the fire of the heart and hearth connect her. She gave up a linear lifestyle years ago and says,


“To plant, feed, and observe the stages of growth; then harvest, cut the stalks, save the seed, rest the soil and allow time to nourish is Lifecycle living. Spring returns and we plant again. The circle is my teacher and I have learned the primordial roles of the feminine and the masculine within this circle of life.” 


Deanna sees disease as a disharmony or a wobble in the fabric of life. Illness or disease can come from anything. Healing may or may not prompt a physical cure, but is meant to be a life-changing and life-sustaining miracle. Using traditional methods she is a conduit to bring about healing through unlocking stuck emotions, using herbal remedies, purification ceremonies, removal of fright, entities, and curses, and with soul retrieval, to name a few.





Deanna is “New Flower”, Tutu+Imari in Huichol, bringing new life to community. Through her apprenticeship and initiation she has gained the honorary titles of Mara’akame (shaman) and Equip_____ or granicera, (weather worker) from the living traditions of Mexico, the Huichol and Nahuatl.  She is a writer and artist.



She is a guide and ritual leader for communities around the globe. She holds leadership seats on the Mesa Life Council, the Council of Elders for the Mara’akate Medicine Path Group, and the Council of Elders for the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing. She is the senior council leader for the Sacred Fire Community's Lifeways' Initiation into Womanhood. With others, she is building a village rooted in shamanic tradition called Mesa Life Project, in Western Colorado, www/ 


As a Jicarera, Deanna has served the greater community for a full five-year cycle carrying sacred offerings to Wirikuta, the birthplace of the gods of the Wixirika (Huichol people). In the old ways and still today, this tradition ensures the wellbeing of the people.  


Deanna’s background of bodywork, trauma touch therapy, herbal remedies, Plant Spirit Medicine and deep connection with nature, brings a well-rounded approach to health and well-being. She has five years of University study and fieldwork in anthropology and archaeology.




One on One Healing Sessions – Deanna’s is available to children, youth and adults, couples and families that seek an alternative to western medicine and therapy. She is a ministerial cleric in the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing. Her healing practice is on the many levels of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual helping one navigate the western cultural illness of disconnection that brings about the pain and suffering in our world. She says,


“To sit at the fire with me is to be in the presence of an ancient, ancestral art of healing that comes from deep listening not only of the patient’s concerns but of Kauyumari (the sacred deer messenger of the gods), her sacred pilgrimage sites and to Grandfather Fire who informs her of the healing that is to take place.”


Telephone Consultations – At certain times in your life you need someone to talk to, to discover a practical and spiritual perspective. Deanna offers one hour or longer sessions for individuals looking for guidance and counsel on many aspects of life, helping you live in the present moment or giving you assistance with compassionate, insightful conflict resolution. As a good listener, she has an intuitive nature and approach. 


Mentorship – Deanna offers weekly to monthly mentorship sessions to develop effective life skills and leadership with the tools of community and spiritual perspective. She helps you become aware of the cultural paradigm of disconnect, discontent and materialism to a life that is deeply connected to Mother Earth, the Original Instructions, and a life of gratitude within the community of the natural world. She aids people by restoring hope for the future and supporting individuals to live life fully in relationship to all living beings. Even during difficult times in life, she guides you to be a life-long learner, to live from the heart by releasing fear and anxiety, and she helps you to discover ways to trust in the divine perfection of life.


Limpias -- Deanna and Gary have are trained within the Weather Work tradition to spiritually clean you, your home or office. A limpia would be called for when misaligned or out of balance energy intrudes a home, office, building and even a person, or simply when you first move into a house or space you plan to make yours.


Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment call 970-210-9520 or email




Deanna has been actively involved with women’s circles since 1989. She has learned that,


“We must reclaim the mysterious nature of the feminine and this innate relationship to the divine to rebalance our lives and the lives of our people. Here, we have a place to stand rooted and strong, authentic and purposeful.”


Women’s Work is about restoring and maintaining harmony and balance with all our relations by honoring and celebrating the cyclical nature of life. It is known that when women rise to leadership roles, the world will begin to heal. It’s about guiding our adolescent girls to become mature women with social and spiritual integrity. And it’s about helping our women remember who they are, their purpose in the world and how to manifest their gifts.


“Deanna creates a safe container in which self-exploration and healing are possible. Without her guidance, I would not have entered my darkness to begin the essential healing needed to embrace the fullness of my life.” Michelle B., PA



Women’s Healing Gatherings – Deanna offers one- to four-day Women’s Gatherings in Colorado. The multi-day gatherings are usually camp-outs built around a seasonal theme related to our divine feminine nature. She offers healing sessions in the mornings and activities in the afternoon with the day culminating with a sacred fire circle. Deanna explains that


“It’s easy to lose our selves at the smorgasbord of our domestic life. Women have a need to be together; we are relational beings after all. Here, we can regain our confidence and our spiritual connection to Mother Earth, reclaim our wild nature and relate at a very deep level. As we have fun together a doorway opens to rediscover ourselves, to learn to be leaders in our community and to remember our inherent role as women in the world, again and again and again.” 


"I was looking for something in my life, ‘something spiritual’. I saw a flyer for a woman's program called Winds of Change and thought, ‘that looks interesting’. That weekend changed my life, opened my eyes to another world of heart and connection. To a world connected to the earth and nature. I was hooked, and I attended the next four years of woman's retreats, and two Lifeways woman's programs. Every one was different and exciting; I learned so much from the women there. I have attended workshops on the medicine wheel, on the changing seasons and have participated in a traditional temazcalli (sweat lodge) with Deanna. I always come away with new teachings, a deeper connection with myself, others and the power of the earth." Debra of Colorado


To find out more, see the Calendar of Events and contact us. (Put a link here)


 Women’s Fire Circles – Deanna offers Women’s Sacred Fires in her community and will visit your women’s circle to help you create a women’s circle. See our Calendar of Events and contact her for more information.


“The Women's Circles undertaken in NT last year with guidance from Deanna and later her physical presence was a profound testament to how Women's Medicine can balance and ground an entire group/shamanic project.” R. Menadau, Australia


Temazcalli or Purification Ritual – Deanna is initiated in the art of Temazcalli Healing, a Nahua traditional sweat lodge where purification and transformation for individuals, special groups and community are able to happen.  Find out more here and next Temazcalli.




Baptism – The baptism ritual for babies, children and adults remain a part of the tapestry of life in a community providing a connecting to the divine forces of the world they are living in and protection for them throughout their lives. Godparents are the people that watch over the children and take care of them if the parents are unable to


Deanna performs baptism for all ages within the context of the Huichol traditionContact us for guidance in this area. 


Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Womanhood – As senior ritual leader for Initiation into Womanhood, Deanna guides a staff of ritual leaders, men and women, to annually create a village container for the intimate work of initiating young women into adulthood.


The vital and timeless ritual of initiation has been lost in our culture, leaving young people confused about their purpose and their relationship to the whole of life. Without the guidance and support of ritual and community, the powerful drives and overwhelming emotions of the initiatory age can lead to destructiveness and turmoil or to the sublimation of the heart’s true calling. Sacred Emergence is a powerful initiation for girls into womanhood. In claiming the sacred feminine in her life, a young woman connects with her inherent gift to create and to become the person she was born to be.  





To learn more about Sacred Emergence, how to apply to be a candidate for the initiatory process or become a staff member, please go to



Weddings – Deanna offers three types of weddings: a simple ceremony and clergy’s sign-off on a marriage certificate; a blessing ceremony for the couple where you prepare your vows; or, a complete ritual in which the gods play a role in granting the marriage. Deanna encourages and offers pre-wedding council to prepare the couple for this lifelong commitment. Contact us for more on weddings. Photo of Joshua & Breevahn here


Funerary Rites – Deanna offers an extraordinary gift for you or a loved one of all walks of life. She is initiated to perform funerary rites to assist the soul of the deceased person to complete their reconciliation process of this life and transition through the spiritual realms to find it’s original ancestral place.  


Deanna offers assistance to you to prepare for death, how to request Funerary Rites for yourself or a loved one, and provide preparatory documents to fill out. Click here for more on Funerary Rites and associated offerings or contact us for a personal conversation.


Community Ceremonies - Locally, Deanna and Gary perform annual seasonal ceremonies to honor the land and time of year, where they live. In early spring they lead the Creation Story Dance of the Grand Mesa, at the peak of the river’s waters in June the community gathers for the Gratitude Ceremony to the Colorado River and her tributaries, at the Summer Solstice offerings are taken in gratitude to the Sun, and an annual Harvest Festival is held in the fall. Soon thereafter, a Special Fire to honor the deceased is held in late October, and as Thanksgiving approaches a Gratitude Ceremony for all life is held before the letting go time of the Winter Solstice Celebration in December. Click here for the schedule for these events are listed on







Deanna’s Life Story (At the end)

I was born and raised on the Confederated Flathead Salish-Kootenai Reservation in Montana in the 50’s and 60’s. I left home in the early 70’s. My parent’s effort to raise a family in a “Leave it to Beaver Cleaver” fashion and the juxtaposition of my observing the elders of the tribe walk to church in their moccasins and fur-covered braids, fancy shawls and leather beaded pouches, going to powwows that lasted for days in the heat of the summer, and being a minority at school was my introduction to a life filled with conflict of purpose.  

When I was twelve, my father bought a set of “Book of Knowledge” from a traveling salesman. I’m sure he felt we needed to know the world. I pored over those books and was introduced to a world populated by indigenous people living indigenous ways. What did that mean? At age 15, I set out on a great journey to explore religion, spirituality and indigenous ways, looking for my path and purpose.

As a pre-med student, an Anthropology major and Archaeology minor at the University of Montana, I learned about indigenous and healing ways in the world. Much of my work at the University took me into the field of study and learning abroad, I quit school, realizing that to study another people was egocentric and a Western approach which did not sit well with me. I began to find my teachers. In 1995, I interned with Rosita Arvigo, a Mayan healer and learned the ways of the healer from teachers including Alberto Villodo and John Perkins, traveling to Belize and various countries in South America.

In 1996 I landed on the doorstep of 
don Lucio Campos Elizade, a very well-known traditional healer and Caporal Mayor of the Granicero  or Weather Work tradition of  the Nahua people of Central Mexico.  He said to me that the gods were reaching for me and that I must develop a relationship with the Weather Spirits; I would be sitting on many mountaintops, and this relationship to weather would offer me safety as I pilgrimaged to sacred places. He led me through a coronation ceremony where I became a weather worker (granicera). I spent a great deal of time with don Lucio learning the ways of connection to the Weather Beings.  
Simultaneously studying Plant Spirit Medicine with 
Eliot Cowan, I found that even after my search for an authentic tradition, his advice to “follow your heart” was profound. Having had several teachers before Mr. Cowan, his counsel has led me through the maze of my own heart and mind, to discover a deeper connection to the divine through the ancestral lineage of the Huichol.
Often a person is called to a path through sickness or tragedy. I was called through my dreams and spiritual visitations by the gods, and at some point I recognized that it was the Huichol gods who were invading me. Through further confirmation from an elder Huichol shaman, 
don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, I was given permission to move forward with an apprenticeship in 1997. In 2003 and 2004 I was initiated as a Mara’akame in this tradition.
During my exploration, I came across medicine men and woman notably of the Shuar and Qe’ro of South America who said that the responsibility of caretaking the world by the indigenous people would soon come to an end. It would become the People of the West who would take this on. I accepted this responsibility wholeheartedly, as I knew I had a calling to be one of those caretakers.
From here I continue to develop my work and offer what I have learned and know to our western people. 




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